Players wanting to participate in the 2018 Labor Day Tournament can sign up on the bottom of this page. Here are the current list of players available from the player pool. Mangers – if you are able to add any player listed below to your team, please contact Nate and let him know, so the player can be removed from the pool.

First NamePhoneAgePosition
josh 2096207205 41 lefty pitcher
Cedric 925-565-6266 59 1st base, 2nd or 3rd
Kelvin 510-306-6552 56 CF, leadoff hitter
Lloyd 6262805665 54 2nd base, right field, 1st base
malachi 7073102648 21 lf,rf
Danny 530-329-2605 62 Pitcher, SS, Infield
Garrett 925-262-6204 25 1st,2nd,3rd,LF,CF, RF
durrer 209 4818892 55 pitch and 1st and 3rd playing in a poen 18 and over leauge
dave 9166227794 75 of 2b c

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